L.V. Lewis – Valentine’s Day Book Sale!


I know. There are probably hundreds of thousands of these going on, but I couldn’t resist. I had to reduce the price of my books on Valentine’s Day for my readers who might want to buy some of my books they haven’t had a chance to read, or for readers to gift to other friends who probably haven’t read my books yet.

What better time than Valentine’s Day for a Romance Author to make her books available to the masses?

Get these while they’re HOT. This only lasts until February 21st, at which time all the ninety-niners will return to their former regular prices.

Click on the book to buy:

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3 Awesome Reasons You Should Read The R Collection!

I have a book on sale. In fact all of my books with the exception of one box set is on sale from this weekend until well after Valentine’s Day (2/21/17).

For the purpose of this Newsletter, I’m pushing The R Collection, my two Den of Sin stories set in the posh Beaudelaire Hotel of New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a place for consenting adults to let their inhibitions go and have a little fun. Most often, they also find love.

So, I decided, since my book is a mere ninety-nine pennies, I still need to let you know why you should buy my book considering all the romance novels and novellas that are sure to be on sale for Valentine’s Day. So, I came up with 3 Awesome Reasons You Should (Buy and) Read The R Collection:

1. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. What better time to read two unique romances in one short sitting than Valentine’s Day? During this man-made holiday, it’s totally okay to think about your own romance, and to do something that will enhance it–ie., reading so you can live vicariously through someone else’s romance, which will likely inspire you to put a little romance in your own life. *hey, hey!*

2. Woman Power is in right now. Women have been marching recently to preserve their rights to retain control of their own bodies, for equal pay for equal work, to be treated fairly by our own government. The R Collection’s stories are about two very strong women who don’t feel they need to compromise who they are to have love. One is a breast cancer survivor and the other is a business owner who was jilted by a lover who wanted her to procreate on his timetable. They are both women we can admire.

3. The R Collection is only $0.99 (until February 21st), the price of a soda pop on a discount fast food menu. You can’t go wrong spending ninety-nine pennies on two novellas, right? So, why aren’t you one-clicking the Amazon Icon below right now?

See you on the other side!



The R Collection: Two Racy Romance Novellas from One Bestselling Author – Kindle edition by L.V. Lewis, Cover by T.m. Franklin. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Something Special for My Multicultural Romance Readers!

African American and Multicultural Romance – LV Lewis

Today, I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you.


I’ve teamed up with 33 fantastic African American and Multicultural Romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS A New KINDLE FIRE to one lucky winner!

You can win my novel Jungle Fever Duology, plus books from authors like Xyla Turner, Sharon C. Cooper, Delaney Diamond and Shyla Colt.


Enter the giveaway by clicking here: bit.ly/af-am-romance


Good luck, and enjoy!

L.V. Lewis

Check Out These Winter Reads!


Check out these Winter Reads!

Introducing three novels for you to snuggle up to this winter, featuring two stories from me, and a couple of stories from my author friends!


Two Racy Romance Novellas from one Bestselling Author!


Karen Freeman is nine years post-op from a double mastectomy. Returning to a normal dating and sex life has been difficult. Her most meaningful relationship after surgery occurred with a man other than her husband.

Paul Beaudelaire, former ladies’ man, had his career in the corps cut short by the loss of his left leg. He returned to New Orleans with a state-of-the-art prosthesis, but left his heart in Baltimore with an ex-model, whose crippled marriage was the only deterrent to his waning honor. A fantasy weekend at The Beaudelaire Hotel may give him a second chance with his contemporary Amazon.


Sabine Beaudelaire returns to her hometown of New Orleans to the bedside of her favorite uncle, Sebastian Beaudelaire. Estranged for six months from her fiancé of eight years, she still hopes for reconciliation. But her hopes are short-lived.

Enter a gorgeous “Hot IT Guy”, aka Xander “Fish” Fisbourne, whose sex appeal fills her head with thoughts of propositioning a man for the first time. Fishbourne and the Den of Sin may be exactly what Sabine needs to bring her out of her sexual drought.

***Separate story novellas available if you already have one.***
***Collection will remain on Sale until Valentine’s Day, Just $0.99

for the next Thirty Days! 
Add The R Collection to your Reading Device!


Giving It Up

by Holly Dodd

Jolene “Jo” Miller has been panting over her crush for years. He’s everything she wants: a gentle giant with kick-ass ambition and a rock-hard body that she’s dying to ride. The problem is, she’s stuck in his friend zone due to one embarrassing reason – she’s untouched. Jo’s crush has no interest in popping her cherry. She’ll need to take some drastic measures to get her crush’s attention, and Jo has the perfect candidate to punch her v-card. Kevin Harris is an unapologetic manwh*re. With his panty-melting smile and chiseled body, he has his choice of tits and ass. His motto: hit ’em hard and leave them aching for more. Relationships aren’t his thing, and they never crossed his mind until he met Jo. She’s everything Kevin doesn’t know he wants. She makes him tingle, and not just below the belt. But Jo’s not into it, she’s the only girl who doesn’t want to ride the Harris express. They’re just friends until Jo asks him to help her with some sexual education. One kiss, one taste, he’s hooked. Now Kevin has to convince Jo that he’s the perfect man for her. He craves being a permanent fixture not only in her bed, but in her life. Will she give him the chance? Warning: This sexy romance novel contains a fed-up virgin who thinks she knows what she wants, and a dominant alpha male guiding her down a kinky path. This is a standalone story set in an interconnecting series with a HEA and NO cheating.


Purchase Giving It Up Here!



by Sarah J. Stone

Grey is sick of his life in The Hills. Unlike everyone else, he isn’t ashamed of being a shifter. Every time he lets his wings loose and soars into the sky, he imagines a world without politics and shifter-only settlements. But now he’s been tasked with watching over a human – not just any human – but the president’s daughter.

Harper has everything a girl could want, but what she needs is an escape. As the wealthy and spoiled child of the president, she spends her days bored in politics. To make matters worse, now there’s a shifter assigned to watch over her. Maybe if she could just slip away for a little while, it would make everything a little less suffocating. Or maybe, it could change her destiny.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only.


Purchase Shifter’s Heart Here!
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A costumer’s thoughts upon the recent appropriation of Safety Pins:

So very thoughtful and beautiful, Kira!

kira a. gold

safety_pinSafety pins are not meant to be passive—a furtive steel prick of conscience—hidden on a lapel like a secret handshake. They are tools of healing, kinetic kindness given to strangers, a means to spring into action.

They are to be freely offered in the name of Girl-Code:
To secure a hijab slipping from grace, and pull up restaurant restroom zippers on skinny jeans stressed to self-destruction, to raise the brim higher on an Easter Sunday crown, and bridge that third button gap in every blouse designed by man.

A pin in stasis rusts closed.

Reattach a ruffle of a neighbor’s quinceañera gown, tend to a yarmulke where the satin has slid from the seam, extend the strap on the stiletto of a size fourteen queen.

Wear them with responsibility, with a woman’s vigilance, a first-aid-kit used long before the shine is noticed on a collar. Safety pins are not a…

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The Romances to get YOU ready for The Games are LIVE! #OlmpicRomance #HotRio2016 #ASMSG

The Romances to get YOU Ready for The Games are LIVE!

Introducing The Rio Series (#HotRio2016)

Three novels from four authors, featuring five stories that delve into the biggest event event of the summer!


Going for Gold

Olympic Medal Romance, Book 1

A collection of Olympic-themed Contemporary Romance novellas from one International Bestselling Author!
Hook-ups in the Olympic Village are the stuff of urban legend, and the game of love can sometimes be like “the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat.” LV’s three short novellas bring the action we’ve only heard stories about to life.

Going For Gold

“The Olympics have never been so sexy.”

Olympic pole-vaulter Gunnar Kingsley is competing in Rio, where he will finally meet Mia Orlán—his longtime online pen pal. He assumes Mia thinks he’s just an average guy, and hopes that her impoverished upbringing has prevented her from researching him.

In the eight years they’ve been corresponding, Mia has developed feelings for her American friend she fears won’t be returned. If by some miracle they were, she’s even more afraid a physical relationship would leave only heartbreak in its wake.

Meanwhile, Gunnar fears if she knows of his elite ranking, she’ll end up being just another girl who’ll treat him like a shallow jock. He wants more from her. Will Gunnar come clean when the torch is lit in Rio, or will Mia confront him first?


***The Novellas in LV’s Collection will debut on pre-order in July with the first story to release August 1, 2016. Books 2 and 3, will debut on August 8th, and 15th, with the box set releasing on August 22, 2016.  All the #HotRio2016 books will be exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for the first ninety days!

For The Win

For The Win

by Rochelle Allison and Angel Lawson

Former All-Star collegiate goalie, Julian Anderson, has spent the last year off the grid, putting his life and health back together after losing nearly everything and everyone important in his life due to a series of bad decisions in college. But when he gets a call from the US Men’s Soccer team, asking him to play in the Olympic Games, he’s thrust back into the world he’s tried so hard to distance himself from.

Julian doesn’t want back in the league, especially when the dubious details of the arrangement are revealed, but accepting could give him a chance to reform his tarnished image. And, if he plays by the rules, he may have a shot at winning not just a gold medal but the heart of his first love, star forward of the Women’s team, Melina Diaz.

Focused and determined, Melina is skeptical that Julian can change his destructive ways. She plans to have little to do with her ex until the stress of the Games get to her and she finds herself falling back on the one person that knows her the best.

This August, all eyes will be on Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics as the world’s elite athletes come together to compete in the most prestigious sporting event of their lifetime. The Games will bring the world together but may tear Julian and Melina even further apart.

Summer Attractionsamazon-kindle-icon

Summer Attractions

by Beth Bolden

All Jemma Keane wants is to find her voice at the sports and pop culture blog she writes for. But she’s been stuck fetching and fact-checking until she wants to scream. It isn’t until an unexpected opportunity at the Rio Olympic Games presents itself that she begins to discover a Jemma that she’d buried away long ago – a risk-taker and an adventurer who doesn’t just want to speak her mind, she wants to yell it from the top of Christ the Redeemer.

Gabriel Rocha hasn’t been back to Rio since he and his mother left more than ten years ago. He’d always imagined showing his best friend the real Rio during the Olympics, but when disaster strikes, he’s stuck with Jemma instead.

Jemma isn’t anything like what he expected. Gabe only means to protect her, but she weasels right past his guard and makes him want whatever she’ll give him. Sure, Gabe’s seen enough romantic comedies to realize how a fling with Jemma might end, but what he anticipates the least is that he never wants it to.


FREE eBooks and Romance Giveaway – #ASMSG #SummerReads #Kindle

Over one-hundred free books waiting to be read, including one of mine. Check it out, and happy summer reading! (And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


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The Venture Capitalist - by TM Franklin

…And don’t forget my new Paranormal Release!