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Please friend me on Facebook, and put my book on your shelf in preparing for review on Amazon and/or GoodReads when it drops. Please drop L. V. a note if you definitely want to see this series continued. The level of interest for book one will make writing the next installments infinitely easier. Book two is tentatively scheduled for release in February 2013.

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  1. I’m on FB but I can’t get to the first chapter of Exit Strategy. I REALLY want to read it. I absolutely loved the first book. I’ve read it three times now and am anxiously awaiting book 2. Can you email me the first chapter?

  2. Dear L.V. Lewis, when I went from Fifty to Jungle, I was seriously hooked. I jumped into the Exit before the sheets of the Fever could cool and both were devoured in less than 4 days. I had to rate your books on E-reader cos folks gotta to know: YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you for the real people, Hardcore moments but most of all for giving sistas some long needed Love, play, and dare I say training. Any news on Double Switch? Your newest fan!

    1. Queen MKB! Messages like yours make my day. My week, even! No news yet on Double Switch. Writing is not flowing, but it’s my busy season at work. 😦 Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed the books. ~ LV

  3. Dear L.V., No worries. Writing is hard. Add Life to the picture and it is what it is, when it is. Just know that you already have one copy of the next book sold. I am re-reading Jungle, at more humane pace this time (Only my favorites authors and stories get this kind of treatment) cos I can’t believe I’m actually jonzing. It is a magical experience. You make me want to write again. Thank you

  4. you keep it is a quad but i have only seen two books.where are the other two. i was disappointed that you did not give me more with the ending. just having them on the plan is not enough. please give us more. i love the two books. what about nate and the best friend?

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